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Learn Libertarianism.
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What It’s All About

Libertarianism.com is a 501(c)(3) non-profit project designed to immerse you in libertarian ideas–earning as you learn. Just register, watch videos, and answer questions about what you learned. As you explore all this fantastic content you’ll accrue points that get you free merchandise from the store! It’s that simple. The merchandise is great, of course, but the real value lies in the knowledge you gain as you crush these courses. It’s all made possible by donors committed to a holistic life philosophy that includes economic thinking, morality, self-government, and more. Why not give it a try?

Courses on Libertarianism

All courses are free. For each completion, you’ll earn points, which can be redeemed for cool merch.

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The Philosophy of Human Respect

Earn 45 points by taking this course
This preliminary certification for the course set offers a general philosophical overview of Libertarianism.com and grants you access to the remaining courses in the set. All newcomers start here.


Moral Foundations and Liberal Values

Earn 40 points by taking this course
In these troubled times, too many people forget how to be a good person. They tend to confuse ethics with politics. This course offers a basic understanding of the right and the good that originates in a commitment to nonviolence.


Human and Environmental Progress

Earn 40 points by taking this course
You wouldn’t know from listening to the mainstream media, but the world is getting better. This course is designed to reveal the progress and explain the processes of human and environmental improvement.


Self-Organization and Self-Government

Earn 40 points by taking this course
One of the great secrets humanity is only now coming to discover is that order and organization are possible without designers, planners, or managers. In this course, we’ll reveal the secrets of emergent order.


Personal Growth and Development

Earn 40 points by taking this course
If you’re going to be an effective warrior monk for human freedom, you need to be good, work better, and communicate more effectively. This course offers a grounding in personal and professional development.


Dynamics of Political Economy and Public Choice

Earn 40 points by taking this course
Politicians, bureaucrats, and corporate interests tend to behave differently in the political arena than in the market. But why? In this course, you’ll learn about the perverse incentives politics creates and how politics can destroy value.

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